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How I help you 

Debbie Bryan is a dynamic TEDx speaker, recognized for her belief that nothing is impossible and that every challenge presents an opportunity to find a new path forward. As a multi-award-winning coach and founder of the DB22 Speaker Academy, Debbie is committed to empowering individuals to unleash their full potential through the power of storytelling and confident speaking. Her approach is rooted in the philosophy that everyone possesses the capability to create their own success, businesses, and happiness.

Debbie's speaking engagements include keynotes, conferences, and workshops, where she shares insights on storytelling, branding, and unlocking the power of public speaking in a TEDx style. Through the DB22 Speaker Academy, Debbie equips aspiring speakers with the tools and techniques to craft compelling narratives and elevate their visibility on global stages like TEDx.

In addition to her speaking and coaching endeavors, Debbie is a member of exclusive networking groups, including the Elite Networking Group and C Suite supper club, where she fosters intimate connections with industry leaders. Through her Elite Networking Group, Debbie provides a platform for high-level networking and collaboration among like-minded professionals.

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As an inspiring and high-energy speaker, Debbie Bryan delivers engaging keynotes and workshops on a variety of topics centered around storytelling, public speaking, and personal branding. With her TEDx experience and extensive coaching background, Debbie specialises in empowering individuals to unlock their speaking potential and captivate audiences with compelling narratives.

Debbie is also a dedicated advocate for entrepreneurship, particularly supporting women in growing their businesses and establishing a strong personal brand. She offers talks and workshops focused on female entrepreneurship, visibility strategies, and building influential brands.

To inquire about booking Debbie for a speaking opportunity, event, workshop, or podcast interview, please complete the form below. Unlock the power of confident speaking and storytelling with Debbie Bryan!

Grow Your Vision

Work with Debbie and understand the goals, the journey and grab some inspiration

Create Your Story - Get Seen

Discover how your story can showcase you and your Brand 

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TEDx Speaker  Impossible to Possible  Dynamics of Personalities

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Sales Planning Sessions

Struggling to sell? Sit down with Debbie and work out a plan! 

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Stop Being a Best Kept Secret

Visibility and Branding session 

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Become a speaker and sell from the stage, do you have a message but dot know how to become a speaker? I started from too shy to to a Tedx stage in just a short timed so can you!! 

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Debbie is a Problem Solver 

People work with Debbie to solve problems within there business. From Marketing, to Sales, to Finance. Whatever your problem is, Debbie can solve it for you. 

From The Author 

Often we try to change ourselves and become more successful but doing it all alone, it is hard to grow using just trial and error, there are so many confusing option and advice it can make your head spin, wouldn't it be better and quicker to learn from someone who has already succeeded?

In this book we look at people who have done just that, the simple answer is that just by looking at the habits of successful people you can learn how to instil the power of habits that will help you succeed.

Habits of Successful People: Learn how to instil habits that will help you Succeed 





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