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 Unlock Your TEDx Spotlight -  Exclusive Offer! 🌟

Are you a business owner aspiring to grace the TEDx stage? Seize this limited-time opportunity with our exclusive "TEDx Spotlight Accelerator Program"! Elevate your visibility and impact with a comprehensive 10-step plan:

Program Highlights:

Define Your Brand Narrative: Craft a compelling brand story that intertwines your businesses and philanthropy.

Establish an Online Presence: Audit for your website and optimize your LinkedIn profile for maximum visibility.

Thought Leadership Content: Produce impactful content, positioning yourself as a thought leader.
Media Outreach: Identify and engage with target media outlets, journalists, and editors.

Press Releases and Pitches: Craft compelling press releases and media pitches to secure valuable coverage.

Feature Articles and Guest Posts: Contribute to reputable publications, showcasing your expertise.
Event Engagement: Actively participate in events, fostering networking and media coverage.
Network Building: Connect with influencers and peers, forming collaborations for broader reach.

TEDx Talk Pitch: Develop a compelling pitch for TEDx, submitting to local events and conferences.

TEDx Spotlight Leverage: Maximize TEDx impact through strategic social media engagement.


End Outcome:

Secure your TEDx talk stage, propelling your personal brand, business, and speaking career to new heights. Be recognized as a thought leader, opening doors to collaboration, speaking engagements, and philanthropic success.

Exclusive  Offer:

Original Price: £4500 over 6 months
🌟  Special: £3750 (when paid in full) 🌟

Why Wait? If I Can Do It, So Can You! 🎤

Unlock your TEDx journey now and transform your aspirations into reality! Limited spots available. Act fast – this offer is valid until April  21st. Let's make your TEDx dream a reality!✨

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